Young Driver Program

We all know just how stressful it can be when our children are learning to drive. The road is a very dangerous place and there are just far too many young drivers getting killed, mainly because they do not have the skills required to get them out of trouble when needed.

Scary Statistics

P-platers make up over 25% of fatalities on our roads. When you think about that statistic and the fact that they make up such a small percentage of all drivers on our roads, it’s an alarming statistic that’s for sure!

There are so many kids out there that have never driven anything before getting into a car and then trying to learn on public roads, this can be extremely daunting for all involved.

I strongly believe that there should be a compulsory program implemented by the government, which I know would have a massive affect on reducing the number of young lives lost on our roads.

Learning the basics

At Ultimate Karting Sydney we would love to start a program for ages 12 to 16 years old that can be done through schools as part of their life learning skill set. I’m sure some people out there would think that driving a go-kart is much different to driving a car and in a way, yes you are right, but the main idea about such a program would be that people with little to no experience driving any sort of vehicle would then be able to get the feel of what it is actually like to control one.

They would learn basic things like how to apply the accelerator and the brake, how much steering lock is needed for a variety of corners, how to control a slide and even how to avoid hitting someone or something.

A learn to drive program is something that really needs to happen in not only the state New South Wales but also in the rest of Australia and I think we would definitely benefit in a huge way from such a program.

So if you think that this is something that you would want for your child or school, contact Ultimate Karting Sydney to explore some options.

by Christian Muller