Planning a birthday party can be an exciting, even thrilling, experience.
Whether it’s a little one’s milestone birthday party, a teenager’s big bash or a grown-up’s celebration, organisation and planning is key to pulling off a successful birthday party.
Our handy checklist is designed to ensure the festivities go off without a hitch!

To do #1: Set a budget

First things first. Setting a strict budget with little wiggle-room should be the first box to tick on any birthday party checklist. Completing this step before diving into shortlisting the invitees will ensure your guestlist matches your budget, and not the other way around – a handy money-saving tip!

To do #2: Finalise the guest list

Now that you know how much coin you are willing to put down per guest, now is the time to choose who you want to celebrate with. If you have a generous budget or it’s an important milestone you are celebrating, sometimes it’s mandatory to go all-out! However, if tightening the purse strings is part and parcel of your party planning process, choosing close family and friends that you want by your side at the big event is wise. Aunt Mildred that you haven’t seen in a decade can probably do without an invite.

To do #3: Select a venue

Now is the time to make a shortlist of venues that reflect the size of your party and the budget you have to play with. If it’s a small get-together for a toddler’s 1st birthday or Mum’s 60th, consider booking a large table at your favourite restaurant, or even holding the party at your own home to save some pennies. If it’s a larger ‘do, like a rambunctious teenage birthday party or a milestone 21st, booking an all-inclusive function room will take care of everything (including number 4 on our checklist).
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To do #4: Organise the finer details

Now is the really fun part. Planning the details that make a birthday party extra special and memorable. Some questions to ask yourself are:
Do I want to prepare the food myself or book a caterer instead?
Does the venue offer catering?
Do I want to go with a set theme?
What decorations and special additions will complement my set theme?
Are we going to hand out gift bags at the end of the party?
What music playlist will go well with this particular party?

Answering these questions will ensure smooth sailing as you near the party planning finish line.

To do #5: Go in with a winning attitude!

It’s a party after all! No matter who’s birthday or which milestone the party is commemorating, make sure you go in with a smile, a ‘can do’ attitude, and a relaxed disposition. This way, no matter what obstacles may crop up, you can be guaranteed to handle it with ease. Oh, and make sure you allow some time to get your dancing shoes on and celebrate your party planning success!