We may now be officially in autumn here in Australia, but with the endless summer lingering in some states, it’s hard to believe winter is just around the corner. That being said, it’s still acceptable to throw a tropical-themed birthday party to keep those summer vibes alive!
Transport yourself to a Hawaiian wonderland, and throw a tropical birthday party to remember!

O-lei, o-lei, o-lei, o-lei!

The first thing you think of when you picture a tropical island is probably a lei – a floral garland that traditionally hangs around your neck. In Hawaiian culture, this wreath is presented to guests upon arrival on the island, or as they leave. Take some inspiration and hang a lei around your guests’ necks as they arrive at your tropical party. You can find these bright welcome gifts at most bargain shops or online.

I’ve got a lovely bunch of coconuts…

Tropical islands are synonymous with fresh food and drinks, and there are a number of ways to incorporate them into your tropical birthday party – think colourful fruit platters and delicious fruity mocktails or cocktails. If summer fruits are still in season, serve up freshly cut fruit that guests can pick at or whip up a bowl of fruity punch.

You can also buy ready-to-drink coconuts at many local markets, which is a truly tropical way to enjoy a refreshing drink.

Tropical decorations for days

Coming up with tropical birthday party decoration ideas is one of the most enjoyable parts of the party planning process, and it’s a theme you can never go overboard with!
Ferns should spring to mind when you imagine a tropical destination, so source some plants and go mad decorating your party space and transforming it into an island paradise. Smaller faux ferns also make for eye-catching place settings or placemats. Bamboo also conjures up serious tropical vibes – bamboo screens can be easily found at your local gardening or hardware store.

Some other small but simple tropical party decoration ideas include hollowed out pineapples in place of vases for bright bunches of blooms, mini umbrellas to add a pop of colour to your drinks and snacks, and this is absolutely the time to bring out the inflatable flamingo that you have in storage!
Brainstorming tropical birthday party ideas and executing the perfect party is totally doable with a splash of creativity, the right attitude, and a dash of inspiration!