Just because your team has a small team building budget to play with doesn’t have to mean they should miss out on the chance to partake in the fun.
Even teams with the smallest budgets can pull off a successful team building event with the right amount of creativity, collaboration, and can-do attitude.
Here’s our shortlist of the best team activities for small businesses!

Budget-friendly in-office fun

Finding it hard to justify an out-of-office team building activity to the Accounts department this time around?
Just because you are going through a period where pinching the office pennies is imperative, doesn’t mean there isn’t a plethora of budget-friendly (if not free) in-office team building ideas to plan and pull off.
Allocate a week as “Team Building Week”, and each day assign 15 minutes to a different team building activity the group has decided on.
Some ideas? Split the group into two teams, or even invite another team at work to play against yours, and kick off a game of Pictionary or Celebrity Heads to elicit tons of laughs. The best part is it’s totally free, and you only need a whiteboard and some markers. The app ‘Heads Up’ is also a hilarious guessing game that involves team involvement.
Holding this first thing in the morning is a great way to ease the team into the working day in a fun and motivational way.

Volunteer as a group

Show your team what’s really important by organising a day of volunteering as a group in your local city or neighbourhood.
Many organisations are quite restrictive with who can volunteer, while others welcome anyone who is willing to give up even a few hours of their week to help the less fortunate.
Whether it’s helping clean at an animal shelter, serving meals at a local homeless shelter or cleaning up your local city with an environmentally minded group, volunteering is an effective way to show your team what’s truly important.
Seek Volunteer is a great resource to find volunteering opportunities in your community.

Extreme go karting in Sydney

Do you have a set budget allocated to team building and are on the hunt for a group team building package in Sydney that the entire group will get a kick out of?
Ultimate Karting Sydney makes planning your indoor karting event a piece of cake, and our corporate team building deals are available in a range of prices and inclusions to suit your team budget.
Planning a team building event doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg, and small businesses with small budgets can still reap the benefits.