Beat the winter blues

It can be challenging at times to know what to do during cold winter days and nights. Us Aussies seem to almost hibernate during our coldest months (which isn’t really that cold at all anyway). Throughout Europe where it is much colder, they just put extra layers of clothes on and don’t let the cold get in the way of having fun.

Sydney Indoor Activities

There are plenty of indoor activities that don’t have to be inside your own home to keep you warm and occupied this winter.

Sometimes winter activities can have extra benefits, for instance go-karting is a perfect choice as it can be quite physical and something much more comfortable to do during the colder months. Above this though is something that many enthusiasts would not know and that is that go-karts always run better with cooler air and therefore generally drivers set their new PB’s during this time.

Escape the elements inside our fully heated karting centre and pop next door to Juicy Goose for a warm cuppa or a delicious meal good enough to warm your whole body.

So instead of sitting around at home in front of the TV this winter, get out of your comfort zone and head down to Ultimate Karting Sydney.