If you stay on top of team building trends and news, you’ll see a noticeable spike in the popularity of team building activities that involve music.
And why not? Music is such an integral part of our day to day lives. So, what kind of musical team building activities are out there? Let’s take a look.

Musical team building activities

Sydney and most major Australian cities are truly buzzing with expert-run team building activities that are a breath of fresh air in the sometimes stale team building activities space.
The philosophies around the importance of music in team building are varied. Many applaud the collaborative participation making music with your colleagues brings, while others praise the purely entertaining side.
SongDivision AU hosts interactive musical corporate team building activities in both Sydney and Melbourne that involve composing, recording, and performing original music. They work with teams of all sizes, from small and compact to large organisations, and involve collaboration from award-winning Aussie musicians. Their mission is to “put an end to cheesy team building”.
Instinct Music also runs musical team building workshops for groups of all sizes, with the aim of making your team run more cohesively and effectively. For something a little left of centre, their Afro Beat workshop uses drumming together as a way to not only build team bonds but also reduce stress – win-win!

Other corporate team building ideas in Sydney

The general consensus is that music is a highly effective way to bring your team closer together. After all, who doesn’t love the way tunes can perk you up and motivate you?
We may not be musical experts (we prefer the sound of revving motors), but at Ultimate Karting Sydney, our indoor karting team building packages are a great way to blow off some steam, get to know your team better, and engage in some healthy competition on our challenging go karting track in Western Sydney.