So as a Mum of 3 myself I too am always looking for new things to do with my kids during school holidays. How do you keep everyone entertained, everyone happy and most of all everyone saying that they had the best day ever and actually feel like they have something exciting to tell when they head back to school. As a parent in general I think one of the greatest fears is the kids being bored out of their brain during holiday and going back to school saying they did nothing all holidays. Your kids will leave with their adrenalin pumping, confidence lifted and hopefully a new set of driving skills you never imagined you could give them at such a young age.

Ultimate Karting Sydney is the largest, most advanced indoor go karting centre in Sydney, I know from a Mum’s perspective it all sounds a bit scary. Well when you’re the biggest and the best you also have to be the safest. Using barriers that keep Formula 1 drivers safe are what are used- the Tecpro state of the art barrier system isn’t just there to look pretty, it’s to keep drivers safe. The Sodi fleet of karts are fitted with roll bars & seat belts on top of the standard safety gear they come loaded with. Extremely proud fact that there haven’t been any serious injuries in the almost 5 years of operation. It’s always a bonus when there are no broken bones to worry about.

So what have we ticked off?

Fun for the kids all ages keeping the entire tribe happy, the girls have just as much fun as the boys and get just as competitive-Tick. Safer than a ton of other activities- tick. Wait. What about that catch up you are hoping to squeeze into the play date? Oh the sacrifice you make for your kids, eating crappy food while you sip on your either un drinkable substandard coffee.. Not here! Juicy Goose is under the same roof. If it’s good enough for Khloe Kardashian to eat at then it’s bound to impress your girlfriend.  The menu catering for everyone and the Toby’s Estate Coffee flowing and keeping all of us Mum’s happy. So another tick for the yummy Breaky, Brunch, Lunch or even Dinner you can squeeze in while the kids talk amongst themselves about how awesome they were on track and who beat who.

Are we including the Dad’s on this one?

So anything that has a motorised vehicle of any sort usually has a Dad, older brother, Uncle or Grandfather in close proximity. That’s the big plus here. The opening hours are incredible (insert opening hours) and allows those Dad’s that don’t have the luxury of having days off to spend quality time with the kids the opportunity to join in.

What if your child isn’t into trying new things?

The afternoons are always a good time to take the kids that may be a little more apprehensive at trying new things, it’s a little quieter and the staff are great at building their confidence to have a go. If they aren’t smashing out sessions back to back they take the time to chat to the kids, give them tips and if you let the staff know that your darling might need a bit of encouragement then they usually succeed at getting them on track.

If we may say so ourselves, Ultimate Karting Sydney is a terrific Sydney school holiday activity for the whole family.
Safe for everyone from little ones to adults, UKS offers a challenging, exhilarating chance to get behind the wheel of our fast and furious indoor go karts and race the family.

by Maritta Muller