As you and your team head back to the office after the festive season break, it’s the perfect time to put into place effective team building strategies to see you through the new year.
Your team members and colleagues should be refreshed and re-energised, and, hopefully, eager to start the year with a fresh career mindset and appreciation for the role they play in the team.
As a manager or team leader, you play a pivotal role in keeping your team motivated, productive, and eager to excel from the first day back through to the final day of the working year.
With that being said, keep reading for our list of the best corporate team building ideas to implement this year.

Be consistent with planning regular team building activities

Just because you are all only just dragging yourself back into the 9-5 after an extended break doesn’t mean that it’s too soon to begin planning team building activities for the new year.
All employees require workplace events and activities to look forward to. It serves the dual purpose of motivating them as individuals, as well as bringing the members of your team closer together and giving them opportunities to find ways to work cohesively more efficiently.
Don’t leave mapping out future team building activities until a month or two away. Start now, choose a date for the first get-together in the near future, and show your team you are rewarding them from the get-go.

Involve your team in brainstorming team building ideas

Many managers see planning and organising team building activities as a role that is solely theirs, but this is a big mistake.
Team building is first and foremost a collaborative effort, and by leaving your team out of the brainstorming process, you are breaking this rule from the outset.
In your morning team meeting, announce to the group that you are looking for their input on the next team building venture.
Ask them to send any ideas to you via email or to approach you with their ideas. This gives them a chance to have a good, long think about the activities they think would work best for them, and for you to prepare a shortlist once you have enough submissions.
Once you have your shortlist set in stone, send out a group email with the top five team building ideas listed and numbered, and ask them to reply briefly, ranking the ideas from 1-5 (with 1 being the activity idea they most like, and 5 being the one they least want to partake in).
This is actually extremely effective as you not only have a clear winner for your first team building activity of the new year, but also four more popular options for the rest of the year. Winning!

Organise a mixed bag of activities to see what works

As we outlined above, if you put the selection of team building ideas to your team themselves, you are likely to end up with a fun and varied list of activities and events to start slotting into the calendar.
Bear in mind that while some team members will be outgoing,  others will statistically be more withdrawn and apprehensive. This is why choosing a mixed-bag of team bonding activities is so important.
Interchange more fast-paced, action-packed brainstorming ideas with quieter, more chilled-out affairs that focus more on bringing the shyer types out of their shells and having them interact with their team more.
For instance, a corporate team building idea of the more active variety could be zooming around our track at Ultimate Karting Sydney and will kick off your first team building activity in Sydney. You could follow this in a month or so with an easygoing group breakfast at a local hotspot (with the incentive of heading to the office an hour later than usual as it’s a “work-related” event!)
Putting together an effective and enjoyable team building activity should begin with collaborative brainstorming, planning, and organising.