Second only to Christmas, Easter is a dream time of the year for any crafty DIY decorator. Making your own Easter decorations can be simple, budget-friendly and a bright way to freshen up any home for the holidays.
Although Easter falls in Australia over the beginning of autumn, when the leaves are changing colour and the cooler days are settling in, traditionally Easter conjures up images of a Northern Hemisphere spring. This is why pastel colours, newly-hatched chicks, and hopping bunnies are most synonymous with Easter – and a lot of chocolate!
Keep the kids busy this Easter school holidays in Australia with these easy and fun DIY Easter decorations.

Brighten up eggs for Easter

It’s one that many of us are familiar with from our childhoods when our parents or school celebrated the onset of Easter by letting us unleash our artistic side on simple, edible eggs.
All you need is a batch of hard-boiled eggs, and a selection of paint, paint brushes, and old newspapers to protect your surfaces.
A safe DIY paint for eggs can be made with simple pantry ingredients. Just mix half a cup of boiling water, a teaspoon of vinegar and 10 to 20 drops of food colouring in a cup. Soak the hard-boiled eggs in the dye mix for 5 minutes. Before long, you have simple and pretty Easter decorations that look great in a bowl as a coffee table centrepiece or can be used as a bright base for kids to add their own touches with paint. We recommend yellow, green, pink, blue or purple food dye to bring spring into your home. We just don’t recommend eating them afterward…

Bunnies, bunnies everywhere

Everyone loves a cute, fluffy bunny and at Easter, it seems the shops are full of bunny-inspired gifts and decorations.
Making your own DIY Easter bunny decorations at home with the kids is a great way to keep them entertained during the Sydney Easter school holidays.
Make an Easter bunny garland to hang in your child’s room. All you need is yarn, bright coloured cardboard, craft glue, and a fork. If you aren’t comfortable with your own bunny drawing skills, you can find a template here to get started. Use the template to cut out at least ten bunnies on various coloured cardboard or paper. Now, challenge the kids to make their own fluffy bunny tail by making pom poms with some yarn and a fork.
Wrap the yarn around the outside of a standard fork 40-60 times, depending on how thick you want your pom poms. Then cut a piece of yarn 8 inches long and tie off the yarn in the middle fork prong with a tight knot. Cut the top and bottom loops you are left with and ta-da! You have super-cute pom pom tails to glue to your bunny-shaped paper! Now, just attach your bunnies to the string or yarn that makes the garland and hang in your home for a lovely Easter holiday DIY decoration!
Online craft blogs and Pinterest are crammed to the brim with fun and cheap DIY Easter decorations to try at home – more than enough to keep the kids busy for the duration of the school holidays!