Giving gifts definitely isn’t just a thing for hens to treats their favourite ladies in the lead up to the big day. With the evolution of the bucks party becoming the low-key event it often is in modern times, men are showing their best mates what they mean to them with bucks party gifts.
Are you a buck who digs the idea of surprising your crew with a thoughtful gift at the beginning of the bucks party shenanigans? We’ve got a shortlist of the best bucks party gift ideas that can’t be missed.

Gifts to commemorate the occasion

Men can be just as difficult to shop for as women, but a custom-printed gift that commemorates your boys weekend away or bucks night is the ideal group gift that your party guests can look back at in the years to come.
There are many businesses out there that are experts in custom printing and engraving that offer everything from unique t-shirt prints, custom engraved bottle openers, and even custom thongs with your picture on it! Pick a product that all your mates will love, whether it’s a fun one or more on the thoughtful side, and have the date of the bucks event added to it. For extra points, customise each of your pal’s individual printed gifts with their own nickname.

A little more cash to splash

If you aren’t restricted by a budget and have a bit of coin to play with, why not treat your boys with a special bucks party gift they will treasure forever? Besides, they’ve been by your side for years and will continue to be there for you for years to come, post-nuptials.

Silver watches, cufflinks or a vintage-inspired pocket watch are classic choices for the men in your life, and most jewellers have a range on offer that won’t break the bank completely.

Consider having the back of the gifts engraved with the date and a nice message.

A bucks party ‘survival kit’

This is a fun bucks party gift idea that will actually come in handy in the days following the big bash and works as a great additional gift idea to the more personal gift ideas we outlined earlier.

Put together your ‘Bucks Party Survival Kits’ in simple gift bags, and be sure to include everything your mates could need for the event itself – and the aftermath. From miniature liquor bottles, painkillers for the morning after hangover, energy drinks, and even a few gag gifts like whistles – just in case you lose one of your wolf pack à la The Hangover.
It can be fun picking out bucks party gift ideas to thank the men in your life, and they’ll be surprised and so pleased you went the extra mile for them.