With the sheer number of dynamic team building activities out there, there’s no excuse to revert to the done and dusted boardroom workshops of the past.
A little healthy competition and a tonne of laughs is a great way to strengthen those team ties, and our breakdown of the best corporate team building ideas is sure to get the creative juices flowing!

Bring your team out of their shells

When shortlisting the most popular ideas for your next team building events, be sure to include group activities that give your team a chance to try some new experiences they may not have had the chance to otherwise.
An axe-throwing workshop may seem like an extreme form of team bonding, but it’s actually exploded in popularity, with new locations popping up across most major cities (Maniaxe in Brisbane, Sydney, and Melbourne is a must). It will give your team a chance to learn a daring new skill most would not have tried before and to bury the corporate hatchet, all while competing against each other on a level playing field.
In the same vein, improvisation workshops are an effective team building activity that has grown in both supply and demand. Many of your team may not have taken to the stage since their high school drama class days and will revel in the unexpected thrills (and laughter) that improvisational acting brings.
Do certain members of your team seem to recap last night’s episode of My Kitchen Rules with their morning coffee? Why not organise a reality TV-style cook-off, pairing up the more proficient home chefs with the culinary novices of your team? If you are short a kitchen and the tiny office kitchen won’t cut it, it’s handy to know that you can rent commercial kitchens through organisations that are similar to co-working locations!
If all else fails, a scavenger hunt with your team split into even groups, or an afternoon at a challenging, fast-paced ‘escape room’ experience is a trusty, action-packed team building activity that you can easily orchestrate.

Team building events at Ultimate Karting Sydney

Hosting successful and effective team building events is our bread and butter at UKS, and our challenging indoor karting track is the ideal location to stage your next heart-thumping corporate team building activity in Sydney.
We even have a range of team building packages on offer to suit every budget, with some delicious catered treats thrown in for good measure!
Planning an effective boardroom-free team building activity should include some healthy competition, a chance to escape the confines of the office and an opportunity for your team members to break out of the shackles of the daily grind!