Bucks party ideas are a dime a dozen, so choosing fun, interactive bucks party games is a great way to add a touch of spontaneity and excitement to the event.
Men love a challenge, and our list of the funniest bucks party games is sure to get everyone in the mood to celebrate a milestone in the main man’s life – and emit a lot of laughs!

1. Bum bag giveaway

It involves the guest of honour wearing a bum bag (“fanny pack” to our American cousins) that is packed full of random, inoffensive things. Think lollypops, chocolates or fake flowers.
The buck has to give away the items to different women in a set time. If he fails in his mission, one of his crew must pick up where he left off. If he succeeds, he nominates the next mate to wear the bum bag.

2. “Down, Mr. President!”

This game actually pops up regularly on the web as a popular bucks party game, and involves the guys protecting the buck like the secret service would do with the President every time an allocated member of the party shouts “Down, Mr. President!”

3. Same name is the charm

This tactical bucks party game involves tasking the guests with each finding a girl throughout the event that shares the same name as the buck’s fiancee and buying her a drink. It’s a cute way to involve the missing hen in on the festivities – you’d just want to hope that she has a common name!

4. Straight to the point

The rules are simple. Nobody in the party is allowed to point for the course of the event with their finger. Instead, they must gesture with their elbow. If you fail you are instantly out of the game, and have to take a penalty (assigned by the buck). It’s more challenging than you think!

5. Dancing whistleblower

For this one, the best man is given a whistle he must wear throughout the night. Everytime he chooses to blow the whistle, regardless of where the group is, everyone must start dancing. If you fail to start dancing or dance halfheartedly, the buck will award a penalty to the loser. This is a chance to show off some of your best dance moves!
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