Team building can be a confusing concept for many managers, whether you’ve been leading a team for years or are a relative newbie to your new position.
The team at Ultimate Karting Sydney are experts in all things team-related, and by following our five golden rules of team building, you can be sure your team is on the right track to success!

1. Make it a regular calendar staple

Team building isn’t something you should put on the backburner. It’s something you should prioritise at all costs for the sake of your team.
Scheduling in regular team building activities is a preemptive measure that ensures any inter-team tension or issues can be nipped in the bud before it becomes a bigger problem.

2. Put it to the team

Including your team in the planning of team building events ensures that the entire process is an entirely cohesive event from beginning to end.
Asking team members to brainstorm team building ideas during your morning meeting is a great way to get the creative juices flowing and ideas coming in. If you are particularly pressed for time, sending out a group email fishing for ideas for upcoming team building events is a good way to include everyone in the process.

3. Variety is the spice of life

Resting on your laurels and relying on the same old team building ideas and activities to see you through will only ever lead to lower productivity, a dip in motivation, and the magnification of any existing team issues.
Be sure to mix up your regular team bonding events and ensure you have a healthy balance of both thought-provoking activities that promote the free-flow of new ideas, as well as active, fun activities designed to blow off a little steam.

4. Read up on team building

Doing your own research on the intricacies of team building and how it’s proven to work is a great way to improve your knowledge of the subject, as well as inspire new ideas.
Watching YouTube videos from team building experts, like this Ted Talk or reading previous Ultimate Karting Sydney team building blogs (we have a whole bunch on unique ideas and exercises) is a great start.

5. Healthy competition is key

Promoting healthy competition among colleagues is actually a positive team building exercise. Competitiveness is a sure-fire way to take the team building competition back to the office and kick-start a renewed sense of productivity and motivation.
A few hours at Ultimate Karting Sydney’s challenging indoor go karting track is a fantastic surprise for the team, as well as being a unique team building idea in Sydney everyone will love.
Organising regular team building activities is an important part of leading a successful team, and by following our five golden rules, you are sure to gain the trust and respect of your team.