Planning a team building scavenger hunt can be a creative and exciting task. We’ve gone the extra mile for you and put together some fun, ready-made lists that can easily be printed out and distributed to the competing teams!

Choose from the three unique scavenger hunt checklists below – from active, super-competitive searches to mini-hunts for when you just can’t duck out of the office.

Scavenger hunt #1: Fast-paced, city fun

  • The tallest building in your city
  • A famous tourist landmark
  • Pose with a police officer
  • Something with an arrow on it
  • Something frozen
  • Find someone wearing red shoes
  • A hip coffee shop
  • Something lucky
  • A park in the city
  • An Australian animal

Scavenger hunt #2: Discover the great outdoors

  • Pose like trees under some trees
  • Pose with a dog
  • A natural body of water
  • A ‘for sale’ sign in the neighbourhood
  • A spider web
  • A seasonal flower
  • Two team members on a swing set
  • Something that’s square
  • A unique rock
  • A car pulling a trailer

Scavenger hunt #3: In-office excitement

  • Pose with another department’s manager
  • A tin of canned food
  • Someone with very curly hair
  • Something soft
  • Something that begins with the letter ‘B’
  • The funniest thing you can find
  • A window with a good view
  • Something yellow
  • Something that buzzes
  • Someone wearing a bright tie

The only rules with a scavenger hunt are to be creative and original and to take a photo of each task you tick off your checklist to prove you found it. The first team back to the assigned finishing line are the winners!