Parties outdoors on the beach, in the park, or even in your back garden can make for an incredible event regardless of the occasion. That said, you will need to carefully weigh up the pros and cons of planning a party outside before you commit to this kind of event.



Pro: Natural light

Natural light is a photographers dream, and if you are hosting the event throughout the day, you’ll get the full spectrum of afternoon sun followed by sunset and night-time. Not to mention, spending time in natural light outside is generally always preferable to spending that time indoors with false lighting.

Con: Public spaces

Unless you’re hosting the event in a private space such as a garden area or somewhere you can book completely, it’s likely you may not have as much privacy as you’d like.

Areas such as parks and beaches will usually have plenty of other people around, so be sure to take that into account if you don’t want to risk it. As a test to see how busy the area would be, spend some time there before you decide whether or not you’ll organise the event at that location. If it’s a beach and it gets too busy for your liking, you should be able to find an alternative spot.

Pro: The price

Many public outdoor spaces are free for use, making it a very budget friendly venue. If you are looking at hosting your party at a park for example, be sure to get in touch with your council to ensure you’re not breaking any of the city rules on the day with entertainment or food and drinks in the area.

Con: Weather

The biggest fear for any outdoor event organiser is one of weather. It could be rainy, windy, or even just icy cold, which would quickly demotivate people to come out to the event and send them home earlier too.

Take a look at what the weather has done historically around the location you’re looking at to see if the seasons will be on your side.

Pro: Weather

On the other hand, the weather can be a major plus for your outdoor event. A beautiful sunny day with plenty of warmth and a light breeze is arguably impossible to beat.

If you’re hosting your event during a good time of year in a reliable location, you should be able to capitalise on glorious warm rays and bright sunshine.

Con: Containment

When you host a party at an indoor venue, the structure itself helps the party atmosphere by keeping everyone within a confined space. Without being cramped, this helps guests mingle with one another and creates an area full of laughter and chatting.

When you move the event outdoors, the lack of a physical boundary can mean that people will separate out and wander further from the main event.

The call

So how can you make the decision? Consider first what you want to get out of your party and weigh those goals against whether it being outside with help or hinder your aims. If being outdoors will largely meet your goals, then get out there and enjoy that sunshine!