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Go Kart Racing Evenings in Sydney


Experience the thrill of go kart racing in Sydney

Go Karting Race Nights

Go karting is not often thought of as a sport but it is actually quite a physically demanding activity to take up. With adrenalin-raised heart rates, and constant arm/foot work and focus required, go karting is an all-round mind and body workout…

So we decided to kick things up a notch with our seriously fun race nights!

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Adult Endurance Go Kart Racing

If you’re after a workout, this may well be the event for you! With teams of 2 drivers driving 30 minutes, these 2 hour endurance go kart races are loads of fun. Not only will you be racing against rival teams, you will be wanting to beat your team mates times as well.

– Teams of 2
– Combined Qualifying
– 2hr Enduro
– Handicap system depending on driver ability. This means everyone has an equal chance of winning.

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Kids’ Go Karting Race Night Championship

– 4 Round Championship
– 7-13 years of age
– Heaps of racing
– Rookies and Advanced
– Weekly Prizes
– Alternating race format
– Previous Experience Required (Sub 35)
– $60 per round. Must pay up front for all 4 rounds

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