Bucks parties are a pre-wedding ritual for the groom (the ‘buck’) and his closest male friends that are fun to plan, eagerly anticipated, and almost always a memorable occasion – unless you go a little OTT on the bevvies!
But, we bet you aren’t aware of the full history of the bucks party tradition. Step inside the UKS time machine, and let us take you back in time.

Where it all began

You would probably be quite surprised to learn that the history of the bachelor party, later referred to as the ‘bucks party’ or ‘stag do’ actually dates back to the 1800s. It was even referenced in the Oxford Dictionary back then.
The bucks party usually involved a banquet complete with black tie dress code, hosted by the father of the groom – very fancy and dignified indeed!

The Middle Ages of the bucks party

Flash forward in time to the 1980s onward, when the bucks party we probably all picture when we hear the term came into popularity.
Adult entertainment, raucous antics, and more than a few drinks were on the agenda, and most bucks party attendees expected to celebrate their mate’s last hoorah as a ‘bachelor’ with some naughty behaviour thrown in. These were rarely planned, and the group was happy to let the night take them where it did.
This messy night on the town stayed in popularity for a number of decades, and for some it is still the go-to bucks party theme when ideas are waning, and creativity is lacking.

Bucks parties today

Today, bucks parties have come a long way from the raging ritual they are traditionally known as – now men are taking a leaf out of the gentleman’s bucks party book of the 1800s.
Whether it’s the buck planning his own big event, or the crew pulling together to brainstorm ideas, creativity is now, thankfully, an element of the bucks party.
Bucks and their friends are turning their backs on the traditional ‘bucks night’, in favour of long weekends away in nature as a group, classy nights on the town, and fun and informative classes where they walk away with a new skill their partners will be impressed with.
The bucks party industry has exploded thanks to this evolution, and it’s not uncommon for the group to take part in a culinary or beer-making course together, have a laid-back night catching up in a swanky restaurant, head off on a bush road trip or opt for an afternoon of cardio over a night on the booze.
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